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Chowman Photography

Are You The One? Be The One.

Operation Save Jack. Jack is a 23 year old college student and an alumni of Monta Vista High School. I found out at the end of January 2012 from Jack’s twin brother Jim, that Jack had Leukemia and needed a bone marrow transplant / stem cell donor to survive. Jack had already been searching for a few months and I wanted to find a way to help in his vital quest. I began a photo installation on the campus of Monta Vista High School in February of 2012 and continued with images at the Cupertino Library and local businesses, Bitter + Sweet and the DeAnza Vision Center. The project began with a 7' x 9' image of a current student hung on the side of the gym to capture the student body’s attention. These images are a sample of the 45 subjects I shot in total. There are 3 series of images taken of each subject and it’s a blessing to be able to show the final series of “million dollar smiles” to signify Jack finding a (bone marrow) match in April 2012. Jack promptly received a bone marrow transplant in May and as of June 2012, he’s recovering at home and hopes to continue his battle for survival. Be The One.

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